Saturday, June 9, 2012

The (clean) ins and outs of gDiapers

I will get off the subject of diapers. Someday. But as for now, it's what you get!
My dr(ying rack)esser
Everywhere I go I am asked how Basil's diapers work, aside from the obvious poo-catching aspect. So here are all the parts and pieces to gDiapers. When I was researching which cloth dipes I wanted to use, a breakdown like this would have been so nice to compare and get a feel for them all. Sadly, I only know g's but at least I can dish out one piece of the comparison pie.

The outside of a gDiaper
 It's just so small when it's by itself. I'd say just like a pair of your regular underoo's; not bulky in your pack at all.

The inside of a naked gDiaper

 Don't look! He has no clothes on! Next slide, please....

The waterproof snap-in pouch

This is what makes the diaper waterproof, the most important part. Easily washed and dries in five minutes. He looks kind of like a turtle flipped onto his back with little tab feet.

The pouch snapped in
There we go. We are now where I usually have them on hand. That is all the prep that you have to do.

Homemade cloth insert
I will write a short post explaining how to make these. A very short post; they are too easy. But all too necessary. There is also the more absorbant biodegradable gRefill I talked about that would take place of this cloth insert. I only use the cloth, though.

Completely assembled
And done! We are ready to rock and roll. Now he looks like a big-mouthed, poop eating monster with beady orange eyes. This is the way it will be facing you when you put it on your baby, opposite of any other diaper. The tabs wrap around from the front to the back. It's a life (or carpet) saver with my army crawler; if they were in the front the velcro would come undone every time she moved.

The "g" logo and tabs go on the backside
It's like a little package, just missing a cute bum to fill it!

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