Monday, October 1, 2012

Finally! Here we go...

Basil sporting her (free! thanks to Aunt Erin's awesome coupon) GroVia diaper. And, also thanks to Aunt Erin, her beautiful bobby pinned hair do. Don't let this girl's minimalist look fool you... she has just a few more things that she will need for this trip, and is so kindly allowing mom and dad to carry it all on their backs!
Our original plan to head over to Thailand has changed; we decided to fly south for the winter. Right now a flight from Dallas to Costa Rica costs a whopping $140, as opposed to the $700 tickets to southeast Asia. We like cheap. Even if it leaves at 0600 and flies to Florida first for a layover. We leave tomorrow morning, hopefully I will be able to keep this blog going. I have a feeling I will be a little overwhelmed with school. Yes, school. We will be taking classes online while we travel. But since we will have Basil we wont be camping as much and will mostly be staying in hostels and rooms, which usually provide internet.
Back on the road again. We are so, so ready for this.

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