Friday, June 1, 2012

A Name Brand Bum

I have been researching and researching. Which is the best cloth diaper, you say? Well the answer is... drum roll please... every baby is different! Of course. So no matter the amount of hours spent looking for the cutest, sturdiest, leak proofest diaper, you finally get that answer you were dreading. Apparently you have to go out and buy one of every type of diaper to see if it works for your baby's chicken/chub legs, skinny/round belly and massive piles/mini piddles. So here's to my most recent $82 investment (and let's just hope it is an investment and not an experiment) gDiapers! I have always had my eye on gDiapers. What I love: They are not bulky and fit under pants. They have the velcro on the back so you are less likely to find a wandering nakey baby. They have a breathable plastic snap-in liner that is very easy to clean and dry. And best of all the innards are completely biodegradable; you can flush them down the toilet or throw them in your compost pile and they decompose in 50-150 days! (Sure beats 500 years!) Plus, let's face it, the little "g" logo on the bum? Way too adorable.
Basil rockin' her new gDipes with the dolphins at SeaWorld

What I don't love: The gRefills are eeexpensive, costing about .46 cents per refill as opposed to .18 cents per disposable dipe. But! gDiapers have a new deal; gCloth inserts. Also very expensive ($4.16 each) but reusable, of course. And after buying (and hastily opening...whoops) a six pack of these gCloth inserts I decided I need manymany more (what with having to change them every 1-2 hours!) but that I can definitely make my own.

I found out that at both Target and Walmart the whole gDiapering system would cost way more than BabiesR'us (whoda though!?) And that BabiesR'us will price match anything from their online store.

Price Breakdown
2 Little gPants (Medium) - $27
6 gCloth Inserts - $25
6 Snap-in Liners - $18
gTotal - $70

And here is where I brag about my money saving abilities. I found the Little gPants on Craigslist, four of them instead of two for $2 less. So I was able to return the new ones and get $27 back in my pocket! Then I went to out and bought the fleece, flannel and microfiber (car washing rags) to make my own inserts.
Basil can't wait to piddle on her new liners!

New Price Breakdown
4 Little gPants (Medium) - $25
6 gCloth Inserts - $25
6 Snap-in Liners - $18
8 Homemade Cloth Inserts - $8
New gTotal - $76

And let us just keep in mind that one box of 144 generic size 3 dipes cost $27.00. I would have had my money's worth less than 3 boxes of diapers ago, and saved mother nature from 432 wadded plastic abominations. I'm grateful that I have the means and determination to start now with baby #1.

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