Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This could actually work

So the cloth vs. disposable experiment is going even a lot smoother than I anticipated! I was a bit nervous that while traveling I would not be able to find a place to wash the liners or be able to hang them up long enough to dry. Well honestly I still cannot say for sure what it is going to be like on the road with a backpack full of poopy rags while trying to keep the rest of the pack's contents semi fresh. I do, however, know that it is not impossible here in America. Obviously- or no one would do it. And I haven't even used the washing machine for any of it (keep in mind the plastic snap-in liner pouches last longer if they are machine washed on cold, but I don't stretch and wring them out when I hand wash them so I consider myself safe). More time consuming? Positively. Worth it? Absolutely. (again, I'm sorry, kind mother earth for loading you chock full o' nuts full of diaper bombs..I'm trying to right my wrongs). So time spent changing diapers per day probably doubled. I also have to carry four inserts on me on any regular day outing, more if it will be a significant amount of time. Plus a ziplock bag for dirties and an extra snap-in, which don't take up any more room, but are just more things to remember to pack daily. Washing is not a big deal at all. I literally just hand wash each one, and usually right after it happens if I can. The other day I even quickly washed a piddle cloth in the sink at the grocery store. Don't give me that look, I'm sure that sink has seen worse.

Anyway, the liners dry in just less than 24 hours, and that is even in a dark laundry closet and not in the sun. I bet they would dry in half the time outside... I should string a clothes line on our balcony! The snap-in pouches dry in five minutes tops, again inside. And the best part is: I dont think Tony has washed one liner. Poop isn't his all time favourite thing to dig his hands into (although sparing my sweet Basil the embarrassment of me going into detail about her bowel movements, let me just say that there is not much cleanup involved in that department. Have I mentioned she is the perfect baby?) I tried to make myself a promise that I would try try try to not let the dirties pile up and get out of control so that Tony felt he had to do it or else they would start growing legs. It has been so easy that there has yet to be a backup of washing to do. And definitely no sprouting limbs.

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  1. A piddle diaper in the sink at the grocery store? I didn't give a look....don't see a problem with it! I love reading through these blogs! Can't believe I didn't comment at the time cuz you are so entertaining. And just not only on your blog. You, my girl, are a walkin' talkin' hoot!!